Our Rich History

The Banta School District and school is in its 133rd year of operation. In the long rich tradition of Banta, there have been a total of three school sites. The present campus was first erected in the 1950’s and with the addition of another wing it services approximately 325 students at this time.

Banta has displayed a tremendous amount of stability, family support, and solid educational practices. Students graduating from Banta go on to lead successful lives while having a strong moral character and family values.

The present school board consisting of Frank Silva, Patricia Speer, and Joe Perry inherit a dedicated practice of diligence and long term commitments to the school and community. Alfred Pombo served on the board for over 35 years, Albert Emhoff served for over 37, and Danny Rocha for 19 years. This type of dedication enriches Banta in all facets of life and ensures the continuing success of a wonderful school and community.
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